Hearing Loss


Due you have a list of hearing loss/tinnitus problems(and secondary problems) that you can share with us? I am Service-Connected for hearing loss and tinnitus but have a very hard time typing/verbalizing up the experiences I have. Thought you may have a list of common problems/injuries/conditions/secondary conditions for hearing loss and tinnitus...Thanks. oklahoma

Jim's Reply:

No...sorry, I don't have such a list. I've not compiled such a list because the problems hearing loss and tinnitus may cause are't all that plentiful and they're hard to prove.

I think psychological effects are most common. It's not at all unusual to be depressed due to hearing loss. To make that claim an IMO is required but even so, it's a very common effect of not being able to hear others speak.

Isolation brought on by hearing loss can lead to depression and that can cause job loss and so on. Mental health conditions caused or aggravated by hearing loss and tinnitus are a mostly unrecognized problem that can be claimed as service connected.