Hearing loss


Jim, I am a US Navy retiree and in my service profession I was constantly exposed to high noise levels coming from jet aircraft engines. I received a rating of "0" for hearing loss and feel that should be higher. My reasoning is, although the VA has provided hearing aids, the loss of hearing and having to deal with the hearing aids has had a huge effect on my quality of life. I'm sure many Vets have had this same experience and was wondering if there is anything that I can do to increase this rating. Thanks for listening.....no pun intended.

Jim's Reply:

I hear you...no pun intended :-).  When we apply for a benefit and we aren't happy with the decision, we have one year from the date of the decision to formally appeal the decision or any part of the decision. Unless and until we formally appeal by filing a NOD nothing can or will happen. In your case, when you learned of the 0% rating you should have appealed it. If it's been less than a year, file a NOD and appeal that rating. If it's been longer than the one year window, open a new claim seeking a higher rating.