Hearing impairment claim info


i'm writing you in hopes that you will be able to guide me in the right direction,at this present time i am receiving 40% hearing loss benifit i wear hearing aids in both ears.My advocate told me to get a outside audiologist that can reform the MARYLAND CNC test if i want to get a higher rating, I have called at least 25 audiologists and most of them have not heard of this test,so my question to you is can you find out if there is a audiologist in Tampa Bay that reforms the Maryland Cnc.test.


I don't know a specific audiologist. However...I did all this years ago for my dad. I downloaded and printed off VA requirements and took the papers to a civilian audiologist and they understood immediately.

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you'll find a lot of info about the testing as well as links to those VA rules. I advise that you note the addresses of a few local to you hearing specialists and then take your documents and visit them in person. Don't call, a drop in visit is more effective.

I bet you'll soon find someone willing to do the required protocols and give you the report.