Health Benefit Support Letters


My wife is going to write a support letter for my IU claim. Diabetes and secondary's totaling 70%. Do you have any good advice for her support letter? We've been told to have the letter notarized.


Letters from spouses, pastors, teachers, moms and non-military friends aren't much good as a rule. VA will tell you that they have no medical expertise and weren't in the military to witness any events that you
may claim.

Besides that, the VA attitude is "What is a spouse going to say? Of course it's a favorable statement, she's biased."

If you have SC DMII and secondary conditions to that, you don't need a support statement, the medical evidence should stand alone.

If you decide to, it does not need notarizing. A statement "The above is true and factual to my knowledge and belief" over the signature is all that is required.