German marraige and divorce


Hello Jim, I was married through the German Court system in February 2006 to another military member. We then divorced in January 2016 also through the german court system. we were both awarded joint custody, with her having custodial custody since we were both military and I already had orders to PCS to Italy. She is now stationed in Las Vegas. I worked with my leadership and got an assignment to Las Vegas as well. She is under the assumption that the German divorce decree will then be invalid and that the Nevada state laws will take effect for child support, visitation, etc.... This is the last thing I wanted. She now only wants to allow me to see my children every other weekends and half the holidays. All I want is to be a good father and have them half the time per the german divorce decree since we are now in the same location.

Jim's Mailbag:

Military marriage and divorce is always complex. You really need to speak with an expert lawyer who understands all the conditions you've presented here today. As luck would have it, you can conveniently speak with this fellow,  Tell him I said hello.