Figuring percent of disability


I have six disabilities rating from the v.a. Iam sitting here pulling my hair out trying to to do this math. MY rating are 70,40,30,20,20,10 which add up to a combined rating rating of 90% . Could you please show me how to to do this math.Please send me a chart if you have one.


You've discovered VA math.

Scientists dating as far back as Copernicus have labored over these numbers with few answers. Some believe the statues on Easter Island were built to ponder just why VA would do such a thing.

They've been at it for untold centuries and still have the same blank, stunned look on their faces.

Personally I think the Combined Ratings Table was a sinister plot left by the aliens who built the pyramids and that VA found it in ancient hieroglyphic tablets buried deep in the sand but that’s a story for another day.

If you'll have a look in my A to Z Guide on this page, you'll find a brief explanation about ratings and a link to the Combined Ratings Table. It often takes a bit of time and a lot of thought to figure the darn thing out but it's all there for you.