Female vet and MST in the 1970's


This is not so much a question, as a comment. I was stationed to Germany in the early 70s to a postal Squadron. Being the first female assigned there, I was not welcomed. One of the enlisted men made that very clear when he pushed me off the dock. For over forty years, I have lived with horrible back pain. I recently went to the VA Clinic and was told by the nurse practitioner that this was considered military sexual trauma. She said to go to my local veteran rep and file paperwork. But when I saw one of the veteran representatives, he had never heard of that. I told him there was a HUGE poster for MST at the VA clinic. He gave me some papers to fill out.  Out of curiosity i looked up MST online and found your site. THANK YOU. I now have the proper information to move forward.
What happened to me was wrong! But i never thought of it as sexual trauma until the NP said that this kind of trauma is a MST because he pushed me BECAUSE I was a woman.

Jim's Reply:

Thanks for sharing. Good luck.