Federal Jobs for Spouses of Certain Disabled or Deceased Veterans

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As the spouse of a veteran, you may benefit from federal job-hiring preferences. These rules recognize the hardships you have endured as the result of service. They give veterans and qualifying spouses an edge when it comes to getting a federal job – and keeping that job in the face of job cuts.

A new rule, effective September 30, 2011, affects spouses of veterans:

  • with 100 percent disability, or
  • who were killed while on active duty

These spouses were already receiving a time-limited preference under the previous rule. This new rule eliminates that prior two-year deadline. So, under the new rule, you continue to qualify for the preference indefinitely.

You will need documentation showing:

  • when your veteran was found to be 100 percent disabled; or
  • when your veteran was killed on active duty

Get the application form here

While no one is guaranteed a job, a veteran’s preference will provide you with a leg up on the competition. Your application will be placed into a “special” pile on the desk of the government agency that is hiring.

To find out more about how to apply for federal jobs visit the following links:

For more information about veterans' hiring preferences in general visit the Office of Personnel Management’s VetGuide and the Department of Labor’s preference information.

Go here to read the official announcement of this rule change.

September 2011; Updated January 2018