Facing C & P exam


Was a Marine from 81 to 85 2nd tanks. Military records show went to sick bay for lower back pain 14 times. Got out and approx 1 year later exploded 3 disks. Approx 2 years after that they took out reaming 2.  Got CP exam next week.  No civilian records:  they were sent to VA when I joined Feb. of this year.  Don’t know what’s there.  Dealt with back issues all my life .  Now knee is bad,  hip is bad,  hard time walking and can barley to my job.  I would appreciate any advice you could give me. Thank you for your service

Jim's Reply:

It sounds like you are all set since you have a C & P exam coming up. The best I can tell you is to read my blog regularly so you can learn and stay on top of all your benefits. We publish the latest, it's your job to use it.