Ex won't help son access GI Bill benefits


Hi Jim. My ex has not used his GI Bill. We have two minor children; our eldest will be 17 years old soon and is looking at college options. He asked his father if he could have access to his GI Bill but my ex has given him the runaround; not giving him either a "yes" or "no" response and basically said he would think about it. Can our son have access to his GI Bill without his approval? I'm assuming the answer to this is "no." If so, I just don't see why my ex won't just agree to it; it's not being used and it's not like he's paying child support anyway. The least he could do is give our son some assistance for a higher education. Thank you for your anticipated response.

Jim's Reply:

The benefit belongs to the veteran and what he does with it is largely his choice...and the VA. To be honest I'm not sure he could share it in this way but I agree that it wouldn't hurt to look into it. But if he stalls, that probably ends that.