Ex claimed spouse on Army paperwork for disability


My ex-husband and I usually get along very well. He was claiming me still (even though seperated) on his Army paperwork for disability...I did NOT know this. We have 3 kids together. We split up in 2015. I recently found out he was awarded 100% disability and was paid back the 3 years. I don't understand how he can still have me on his paperwork as a spouse when we are divorced. (naturally, he never mentions what claiming me on his disability paperwork earned him) Is there anything I can do?

Jim's Reply:

When the disabled veteran divorces he or she should notify VA so that overpayments of dependents benefits won't happen. When an overpayment does happen, VA will collect the overpayment from any future payments.  If you think something illegal is occurring that has a negative effect on you, you could try to report it to VA. However, the overpayment usually gets corrected over time and isn't really much to worry about. If this doesn't immediately affect you, it probably isn't worth bothering with.