Events have led me to believe my ex son in law (a veteran) shouldn't have a gun, what can I do?


My ex son in law served 6 tours in Iraq and has severe PTSD with a military disability and is also an alcoholic this past year he was upset with his son for being depressed and my grandson said he wanted to kill himself so his dad gave him an unloaded gun and said here kill yourself. Should the father own a gun with his alcoholism and PTSD?

Jim's Reply

The laws that control who can own weapons under what circumstances can vary widely from region to region. Of course I wouldn't want anyone who is facing substance abuse problems and PTSD to possess firearms.

But the law says that in most cases a person with a mental health problem is eligible to own weapons if he or she has never been committed to a treatment facility. If you believe that the veteran is a danger to himself or others, you should contact law enforcement in that region and tell them the story. Even if they can't act on your intel today, they may be able to in the future.