Divorcing retired military


My husband is retired from the military with over 20 years of active federal service. However, upon retiring he did receive a 90% Disability rating and receives concorrent receipt of VA Disability Benefits. He has a VA Waiver on his retirement statement as well as Survivors Benefit Plan. I have filed for divorce and need documentation regarding his retirement pay. Per the JAG that I recently spoke with, the VA Waiver makes the Retirement pay marital property. Where can I find the proper documentation of this or proper representation in Alabama.

Jim's Reply:

You ask about proper representation and of course, that's where your question will be answered. Divorce is tricky and you don't want to enter into that arena unless you're well represented. You should interview some local attorneys and hopefully find one who you like who has experience with military benefits and divorce.

  • PS from StatesideLegal:  Use the "Find Legal Help" map for Alabama to identify the LRS provider closest to you. They should have attorneys with experience with military benefits and divorce who can meet with you for a consultation for a low fee; once you decide to hire one, you will need to work out the financial arrangements with them.