Divorce decision unfair to disabled wife


Hello Jim I am a spouse of a VA member for 20 years of marriage and a total 23 years in the relationship..The last five years unknown to us, I was very ill and was growing a tumor that was unseen until my surgery. Through the last 5 or 6 years,  my husband began dating and beating up on me, leaving me at hospitals and so forth.  I was divorced in a small 3 judge town where the judge would not allow me to have legal representation and I was sick and on heavy medication.. But the divorce Judge pressed on,  giving him the house and me responsible for 50% if it all doesn’t sell. If it does sell, he gets everything. I took out money before I began the divorce and the judge is making me pay that back.  My husband never paid my doctor bill so I was responsible for all that.. She even let me go a year sick and dying to not making him pay to put a hot water heater in. We froze during the winter and he tried to sneak up again for another attempt to kill me and was caught by the neighbor.  The judge ended our case and gave me $150.00 alimony and a 224,000 car and I said out loud has does a 100% disable women live off that when he is getting $13,000 a month. There must be something I can do. He has removed my name off the deed and I am not on the loan but I can not rent due to he is letting the house sit there.. please take a moment and advise me

Jim's Reply:

I'm not able to offer any help or advice except to return to court with a lawyer by your side. That is the only solution I can see.