Divorce attorney not familiar with military/VA issues


Jim, Do you know a good Divorce attorney in Southern California, my current attorney is not familiar with Military VA disability and it shows...It is costing me a ton of money and my ex-wife's attorney is much more well versed than mine. thank you for your time.

Jim's Reply:

No, darn it...I don't know of anyone to refer you to in SoCal. But TBH, VA disability money and divorce aren't usually all that difficult to sort out. VA disability pay is calculated as income by all family courts and there isn't a lot more to say. If you're talking about retired pay, CRSC/CDRP and so on, that's a different level altogether. Don't forget that just because you aren't happy with the decision of the family court doesn't mean that your lawyer made any errors. Veterans often have inflated ideas of what their VA money is worth and how protected it is plus...nobody is ever happy in divorce court.