divorce and criminal charges


Jim I am going through a divorce, until very recently we have been trying to work things out. I have been put out of my home and face criminal charges for pushing open my own broken back door. Also lost a domestic violence case due to that fact and because we have had verbal arguments. I don’t make very much money is there anywhere I can get help. I am a vet in good standing and have never committed a crime before.

Jim's Reply:

No. Nobody wants to be involved in your divorce. Divorce lawyers are paid as much as they are because divorce isn't ever pleasant or friendly. Your status as a veteran carries no weight in the divorce court, you're a civilian with a civilian problem. Beyond that, once we enter the criminal justice system, our status as vets usually counts for even less...we're supposed to know better. I'll assume you'll have a public defender for the criminal charges and that the divorce will proceed as usual. The best you can do is to try to recover from this and move on with your life, knowing that you won't fall into this situation again.