Discovered mortgage lien on property


Hey, Jim I purchased a home in 2006 using standard loan. My wife and I both lost our jobs in 2007-2008. Therefore, we went through the HAMP process. Fast forward to 2016;  we cleaned up our credit history and refinanced using my VA loan through JG Wentworth. I explained that I suspected that there were possible title issues due to the HAMP loan process (HAMP only covered the 1st loan not the 2nd) JG Wentworth assured us that our title was clean and Solidify Title company gave us the thumbs up. In 2019,  my wife changed jobs and we attempted to take out a HELOC to pay off a 401K loan to avoid heavy tax issues at the end of the year. During the process, it proved that there in fact was a lien on my property and the VA loan provided was in the #2 spot. We have emails proving that they told us that this was resolved...more important how does a mortgage company process a VA loan on a unclean title?  Any legal advice would greatly be appreciated.

Jim's Reply:

You are in an extremely complex arena and you need the advice of a attorney in your immediate region who is expert in real estate. Anything less than that won't help and may get you deeper in trouble.

  • PS from StatesideLegal: Use the Find Legal Help directory to look for the nearest LRS provider in your area and ask them to refer you to a local attorney with mortgage and real estate expertise who can provide a low-cost consultation.