Disablled older vet wants to go to college


I want you to know that I'm so glad you are who you are. I've been a fan for years and truly benefited several times from your insight. My husband is a (reluctant) 100% disabled vet. Helicopter crash in 89, many s/c injuries, as time passes one leads to another...my question is, 2 yrs ago he gave me the 'go ahead' to file a claim for 100%. Of course, he is unable to work, has been for years, but I'm trying to find a way for him to be able to go back to college NOW he is 100% and can't work. 10 yrs after the date of discharge seems unreasonable because most vets are going to go back to work. Even if disabled, vets (who are proud and stubborn!) will go on and on with disabilities until they absolutely can not possibly do it. So wouldn't it make sense that that 10 yr time frame would start when the vet is disabled to the point of not being able to work, or at least when they are rated 100%? I'm really frustrated because he is also PTSD and chronically depressed daily and speaks of ending it all often, and I thought having something to have to get out of bed for every day, and utilize his mind, and meet other people, and feel proud of his accomplishments might help keep him here longer. Do you have any insight in terms of exceptions to the education limitations for older vets? Thank you so much for what you do and what you may have to sacrifice in order to do it. We all appreciate you more than you may know.

Jim's Reply:

Everything you ever wanted to know about the various education programs VA has will be found here. It's my understanding that the time limits to use GI Bill benefits are strictly enforced and there isn't much opportunity to extend the benefits. I found that for myself and a lot of other veterans that volunteering was one of the best ways ever to get out of the house and socialize as well as contribute to society. I was a VA volunteer and worked at my local clinic and hosital and it was as rewarding as can be. I started here https://www.volunteer.va.gov/ and stayed at it for years after.