Disability Ratings


Know you're a busy guy, so will keep it short:

Viet Nam vet. My cardiologist just filled out VA 21-0960A for me; he wrote down ICD codes for CAD / history of CABG and checked the CHF and Chronic CHF boxes "yes". Also yes on continuous medication. (He did the cardiac catheterization and supervised the treadmill. The VA also did a treadmill for me in 2005; it was even more strenuous and complicated. )

As of 2007 METS was 7, in 2006 left ventricular ejection fraction was 60 percent (normal?) but hypertrophic.

Looking at the table for IHD, estimate at least 30% not because of numerical levels, but this: evidence of cardiac hypertrophy or dilatation by echo, EKG or X-ray.........................................30
Cardiac hypertrophy is so stated on my form.

However, I'm wondering if the very first words in the table, i.e. "With documented coronary artery disease resulting in: Chronic congestive heart failure, or...etc., etc. .........................100 could possibly mean just what it says? Will that overide the alternative MET levels of 3-5 or ejection fraction 25-50?

Already at 60 % (actually 64%) and know about the backdate to August 31st.

However 100% might let me consider retiring. Almost 66.

Thanks for any advice, and you can edit / post this as you wish.



I don't have much to use for any comment. The new rules aren't in place yet. Congress continues to use all this as a political football so we don't really understand when or even if any of these new presumptive conditions will apply.
I can tell you that as always, 100% schedular will be a tough goal for you if you are still working and in reasonable health. The Combined Ratings Table becomes ever harsher as your numbers climb and once you reach 80% or even 90%, the leap to 100% is a long long reach. See here and scroll to § 4.25

As you are working, you have almost no chance to reach 100% IU. Simply electively retiring and hoping for the IU rating doesn't work. You must be "unemployable" because of your disabling service connected conditions. To be voluntarily unemployed will not be acceptable to VA.

Be patient and continue to watch my site for any news about the new presumptive rules.