Disability Claim Question - September 23, 2010


I wanted to thank you again for the last help you gave me about going for 100% or not to. I have another situation which I am not sure how to handle. I just received a letter from the VA tell me that they are conducting a review of my claims folder. Says my case was identified as a potential Nehmer class-member case based on the new additions of diseases related to A.O. My claim would have been for coronary artery disease which was originally denied. The coronary Artery disease was diagnosed by a VA Dr., after some testing I had done, and is on the list of medical problems. My heart problems are not life threatening, but I do take blood pressure, cholesterol, and anxiety meds. Also have a very brittle case of Diabetes, and the liver problems from Hep C.

I was wondering if you were familiar with this letter they are sending out, or have something in the site archives to check for advice. The VA gives me a few different options to pursue if I want. It has to be done within 30 days. I really don’t want to go through any QTC exams again, or gathering more evidence to support the claim. I would like to just type them a letter in support of myself, and send the original tests, and Dr. Statements. I could use some retro money, but am already 100%, and want to be left alone as much as possible. Especially after surviving the first battle with the VA .

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanks again-Vietnam -1968


Go for it. You may have to take another C & P exam, there will be letters.

Your actions aren't about the retro. I'd like you to participate because every man who shows up strengthens this action for the rest. When you force VA to go through the drill and do the right thing, it improves the lot of those young ones coming home now.