DIC benefit included CHAMPVA


My husband recently passed away and had qualified and received 100% VA disability since June 2019. He was Vietnam Veteran and lung cancer was determined service related. I have been awarded DIC award, which is very helpful. John was NC state retired employee and we both were covered under their health insurance. I now have to pay for mine, I have copays and deductibles along with monthly charge. Would I benefit changing to ChampVA if I can find doctors in my city who accept it? I have no idea what ChampVA covers for surviving spouse. Thank You!

Jim's Reply:

My condolences, I'm very sorry to hear of the loss of your veteran. Comparing CHAMPVA with other insurance plans is difficult. My wife uses CHAMPVA and it works well for her. She's never had any trouble finding doctors who accept it and other than some events requiring a phone call or two, we're very pleased with it.

Not everyone is that pleased with it though, I have heard of there being hard times finding doctors and payment issues. To be honest though, I hear the same things about all insurance so CHAMPVA seems to be performing much like any other.

Health insurance is a very personal choice that must be based on what your future needs will be and how much risk you're willing to take and pay out of pocket. One of the better options is to go to the doctor you like now and speak with the office insurance specialist. They're the ones who know how it works in your region and can advise you what will work best for you.