diagnosed with prostrate cancer and 'watchful waiting'


Hey Jim, I am in a similiar situation as you with the prostate cancer. Except, I was just diasgnosed in August and have not filed a claim yet. I too elects Watchful Waiting. The doctor states it is a 2% chance the cancer spreads to my lymph nodes, and less than 2% to other organs because it has to travel through the lymph nodes to get to the other organs. So why the pain and side affect from the treatment ? What was the outcome of your C&P, odid they reduced your rating?

Jim's Reply:

I don't have prostate cancer that I'm aware of. I'm a retired health care guy and I write a lot about cancer and I'm aware of the side effects of treatments, etc. The big question here is, why haven't you filed? If you're a Vietnam veteran, the rating is pretty automatic. You should file today...you've already lost maybe $15,000.00 tax free dollars in compensation benefits by not filing.