DFAS told someone my monthly gross pay


Hello, somebody obtained my social security number and called DFAS to try to find out how much I am being paid monthly. DFAS told them my exact amount (gross pay). I called DFAS and they told me that was completely legal. Is this in fact legal for them to do?

Jim's Reply:

The question isn't so much legality as it is what harm has this caused you? If this is a true accounting of events, the deed is done so you should look at what comes next. If you believe that some sort of harm has come to you (financial, legal, criminal) then you need to speak with an attorney who is able to review the facts. If there is no measurable harm...financial or otherwise...you may want to learn who the person was and admonish them to behave. Guard your SSN a little more closely too...fraud can be a real problem!

  • PS from StatesideLegal:  If you are concerned about identity theft, we have published self-help tools available here on the site.