Dad's rating only 20%


Dear Jim,  I’m a 100 T&P and I spoke with my father who was a Vietnam Vet and experienced a lot of trauma. I set him up with a guy who worked at the government building in Boston even though my dad lives in Houston. He went through the process and only got 20% (he okay with it and is thankful). He’s a very proud man who doesn’t even tell me when he’s not feeling well. I’ve asked him if he wants to retry for a higher rating but my mother thinks it’s a way to show weakness.. Any suggestions that I can approach him in a new way. I’ve watched him suffer from night terrors and and have slowly watched his body breakdown on him. Thank you.

Jim's Reply:

I understand your situation all too well. Over the years I've met a lot of vets who didn't want to be bothered with the VA system or a disability rating. In any case, if he's happy with his rating, I'd leave him alone and not try to influence him. It may be the technically correct rating and if he tries to raise it, he could lose it all.