Current health issues started before retirement from Marines


I retired from the Marines in July 2019. In March of 2019, the Naval Health Clinic Quantico diagnosed me with hemorrhoids after I was seen there complaining of symptoms. I claimed them on my VA claim and got rated 0%, service-connected. The symptoms continued, and in September of 2019, I went back, saw another Dr, got a referral for a colonoscopy, and in October, the docs at Ft Belvoir found a stage III colon tumor. I'm trying to figure out what sort of claim I need to file now, as this cancer most certainly started while I was still on active duty. I appreciate any advice you might have.

Jim's Reply:

You need to file an appeal of the early decision. You have a serious illness and VA isn't likely to make this easy for you. Your very best bet is to retain an attorney so VA doesn't shortchange you. Click here for information.