Court order to provide medical insurance for children


I am a service connected 30% disabled veteran using medical benefits provided by VA. I go to my local VA for all my healthcare and have chose no medical insurance through my employer, though it is available at a cost. Why would I pay for healthcare when VA is free and it is decent care? Below is my quandary. I also have two children with my ex-wife. The court has ordered me to provide medical for the children , however, medical at my employment does not offer "children only" medical. So, now I am forced to enroll myself also, to qualify to enroll them? I am not a rich man and this is basically stripping away my right to free medical for myself. Is this ethically correct? If possible, please help me understand this or please provide a resource that I can find children only medical insurance. Thanks!

Jim's Reply:

"Is this ethically correct?" Ethics have nothing to do with it. You've been ordered to provide health insurance for your children by the court and failure to do that may result in contempt of court charges. Look at it this way...if you had remained married, how would you provide insurance for the children? Nobody is "stripping" your free medical benefits from you, you'll still have your VA care and now you'll be taking care of your children too.