Couldn't purchase firearm


I had an appointed fiduciary (my sister) thru the VA.  I am 100% permanent with the VA for PTSD and TBI. I am also a former police officer.  When I requested to be released of the fiduciary,  the VA did and I handle my own affairs.   A year later,  I attempted to purchase a firearm and was denied.  I am not a felon or any other type of charges. I have never had a traffic violation.  Why would I be flagged?

Jim's Reply:

VA reported you to NICS as "incompetent" when they appointed the fidu. This is a common and very controversial move that VA makes when they appoint the fiduciary.  It should be easily appealed by the instructions you received with the denial from NICS here.  Explain that the fiduciary was dropped and that VA no longer sees you as incompetent.