Complicated family situation with ex-servicemember


I was married almost 20 years when our son was killed by a drunken driver.  I contacted the Army National Guard for funeral directions. Was told all military policies were cashed in and my son couldn't get anything and I found out I was divorced and didn't know.  I left him In 1998 after his cheating and 2 outside children. After several pleas for help I was advised to get a attorney after so many deceitful things that I never knew about never signed nothing.  I was told there is some important documents on file concerning me that only a lawyer can retrieve and that I could receive ex-spousal military retirement pay.  my ex is in the gray area I was told.  After fighting cancer,  being stressed,  I fell on my job and now have screws in my back.  Please tell me what to do to get the fair legal help.  I was married 20 years never lost contact my families life insurance policies should be the age of my children and mine was gone for spite no one helped bury my son.  I have never received anything for me or my three children I need help and a lawyer to fight for my rights

Jim's Reply:

Yes, I agree you need to speak with a lawyer. I'd advise that you look locally in your community for a personal injury or family law expert and speak with them. Good luck.