combat vet facing criminal charges


My Son is a combat veteran from Afghanistan who was injured there and suffers from both PTSD and a heroin addiction. He was arrested yesterday in Wisconsin for the manufacturing and sale of heroin. Are there any legal resources that may be able to assist? Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Jim's Reply:

There aren't many resources targeting veterans who have criminal law issues. Most free or discounted services will help veterans who are dealing with VA problems but once we're into the civilian criminal legal system we're on our own. Available resources are meager these days too because of the enormity of the problem, it isn't only veterans with PTSD who are abusing opiates, there are times it seems everyone is and legal aid and medical help isn't always readily available. You'll need to spend time on the phone looking for legal aid locally and he needs to be in touch with his nearest VA health facility when he can to see what resources they may have for him.

  • PS from StatesideLegal:  The Wisconsin Public Defender should be able to provide legal services for criminal charges if the person cannot afford a private attorney.  There are also special resources available for veterans involved in the criminal justice system in Wisconsin, which are described here.