Co-ordinating care and benefits


I'm scheduled forACL reconstruction on 22 Dec 2010 for my service connected knee. Had surgery done on it while in service.My surgery is being done by a civilian orthopedic Dr @ civilian clinic. My question is that I have received my notice from my Dr which shows the date I'm scheduled for surgery and where.I'm going to apply fot 100% temporary convalecsent. I told the Va Dr at my c&p exam about the surgery and its noted in the exam.

Should I send the Regional office this notice of surgery. Or should I wait till after my surgery and submit the document with my discharge and surgery report. I don't want to do anything to slow my claim for increase down as I have already been waiting 8 months for a reply. I have also informed my Dr at the VAHMC about my pending surgery.again thanks for your wisdom and support of veterans


I would write a brief note (a single page) and advise the Regional Office of the date. Use only certified mail, RRR to send it.

Then as soon as possible after surgery, send the RO another very brief note and include as much of your medical record as you are able to get your hands on.

There is no specific protocol for how to do these things. I believe in overkill though. Doing the above establishes your paper trail so if VA SNAFUs it all, you have evidence that you gave it a good shot.