Claims question


I made a claim for an increase of depression over six months ago it had been rated at 10% (already had a c&p exam on the 9th of june 2010 concering this issue) as of today I went to my local regional office that is located in portland oregon. I spoke to someone a VA repersenative I assume and they said my claim is still being worked on and that the VA is now seeking an "addendum" which is an addition for further documents added to my claims file.

I was also told that perhaps I may have to go to another c&p exam why I don't know because I already had one . Is this all normal procedure with the VA concerning claims of this nature or is this out of the ordinary I would appreciate your insite on this because I am at a dead end as of right now.



This is all part of the very convoluted, confusing and slow process of adjudicating your claim. With what you’ve told me it would appear it's just the routine. Claims may take a year or more to adjudicate today. You may be asked to report for one or two or even more C & P exams to ensure that all possible evidence is gathered. The veteran who is patient and allows the process to work, even though it's slow, will likely be happier in the end. Hang tight and let the process work for you.