Children's father gets $2,200/mo in VA disability


My ex and father of my 2 children is 90% disabled and receives around $2200 monthly. We were never married and are separated now. He is not helping with the children and I was advised to put him on child support. His only income is his disability benefits. He says that they could only get around $200 from him if I were to go to court regarding this matter. Is this true?

Jim's Reply:

I can't predict what the family court may ultimately tell him to pay in child support or alimony benefits...that will require an inquiry of his overall financial status by the court. I can tell you that if you go ahead and seek child support and alimony to protect yourself and the children, the court will take into consideration all income and assets, including VA disability pay. You have to start the process by going to the family court in your region and filing...the clerk of court will provide you the forms you need to get started, you don't have to hire a lawyer.