Childhood trauma blamed for disabilities


All my SSA Award, BVA denies, and medical (mental) issues are concluding or proposed as stemming from childhood (no service connect, chronic/continuity or aggravation in Army) , and now I have 24/7 tinnitus. (It's no-joke why that famous artist severed his own ears).  A state VCO says 11B10 MOS may establish SC, and possibly link mental issues to the tinnitus. Does that mean all the way back to said childhood and pre-service? I did have multiple head injuries as a child which assumptiosly causes symptomologies of 17 year old juvenle delinquency. And then the Army recruitment picks said 17 year old out from juvenile  detention under the 1974 privacy act doctrine for a  Post-Vietnam active duty that most of America was not allowing of THEIR sons. The privacy loop-hole was described to me in 1976 during the entrance exam to hide my federal criminal record, as also hiding said pre-service  symptomotologies ...should anyone have noticed or rejected  a juvenile Ward of the Court for military service (such as the judge who signed me into the Army). Who should I be suing - the army recruitment and the state court for conspiring in US defense fallout? or the VA for medical symptom connectivity and chronic aggravations ?  Do you think an attorney would take this on, or is the subject matter too far out in left field and/or statute of limitation?

One other question: I requested early active duty release with respect to the said symptomologies, and received a general under honorable cond. The release personnel said it was an "expeditious discharge", and held me just long enough to acquire 180 days for VA qualifications. Would this suggest an agreement with my purpose for requesting release and acknowledgment of said symptoms, and therefore establish a manner of service connection thereof ?

Jim's Reply:

You've been denied benefits and that entitles you to use a veterans law attorney at no out of pocket expense to you. Read more here