Child support arrears


Do you help 100% disabled veterans with arrear child support issues?

Jim's Reply:

I can help by answering questions based on my experience and knowledge. I'm not a lawyer so I can't offer legal advice or represent you. Most divorce issues that involve disabled veterans are pretty easy to answer. In a nutshell, veterans don't get preference or any other sort of breaks in the family court. The majority of divorces these days are "no fault" and the court doesn't care all that much about who did what to who...they want to sort out the finances to support any children or determine alimony and move on. Financial obligations (property division, child support & alimony) are determined by each party completing a financial statement and the statements are then set to a formula that the court uses to determine obligations. Veterans disability money is considered income for the financial statement and must be reported. Otherwise the family court is one of the busiest places in your neighborhood and they don't particularly want to listen to your story, they want to follow the dictates of the law and move on to the next case on their very full docket.