Changed mind about selling house


My God father is an 85 yr old veteran, who was lead to believe he had to sell his home, so he agreed to a short sale, and later realized he had options and asked the agent to remove it from the market, only to learn that there was a buyer.  Where things stand now is that he does not want to sell it, and the buyers want to buy it and yes he signed an initial contract with the agent. What can he do?

Jim's Reply:

He can retain a lawyer who is experienced in local real estate law. This isn't a veterans issue so there won't be any help from VA. Our status as veterans doesn't protect us from the everyday problems that arise in home sale issues or divorce. If he wants out of the obligation he agreed to, he needs an attorney on his side...simple as that.

  • PS from StatesideLegal: Use the "Find Legal Help" directory to look for an LRS provider where your godfather lives and request a low-cost consultation with a real estate lawyer.