Car totalled but insurance valuation is too low


Greetings Jim, I was involved in a multi car accident a few weeks ago (I was not at fault for the accident) and my car had been considered totalled by the insurance company of the liable party. The issue is, they deemed my car to be valued at around $3,700 which is way less than I had paid ($9,000) for the car in 2016 and it now has around 160,000 plus miles on it. I would be hard pressed to even put down $3,700 on a new car, much more to purchase a another one outright like I did the one I had. Do I have to accept the $3,700 that I understand will be offered as the current value for my car (which I think is ridiculous), or can I contest their security possibly receive more for my car or have them fix my car?

Jim's Reply:

You need to speak with a local personal injury lawyer. Do that before you agree to anything at all.