Can a veteran with 100% disability still work?


When a veteran has 100 percent disability can they still work . if they have been permanently disabled and have been receiving compensation for ten years can they safely get a job then or will it stiff affect their rating what criteria does a veteran have to fall into to be classified as a veteran who can work or cannot work can a veteran with 100 percent total combined disability work full time part time or not at all what if the disability still bothers them but the bills have become to much will they be penalized for getting a job or does the military prefer them to be jobless how can a veteran know for sure if hey can work especially if they called the office and they spoke to the veteran unsure of if they can work or not how can we be 100 percent sure where we fall under if the rating is 3 ratings that combine to 100 but the paperwork received didn't say anything about whether getting a job is allowed or not what should be the next step.

Jim's Reply

Veterans who are rated as 100% schedular may work as they please.

Veterans who are rated as 100% TDIU (unemployability or IU) aren't allowed to work at gainful employment, that is employment that earns over the federal poverty wage for your region.



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