C & P Exams


I received a claim decision back in July for my shoulder and wrist without having a C&P exam. Now 2 months after the VA Decision Letter, I received a call to attend a C&P exam for the same issues. I am currently at 90% (86%) and don't see how an increase would give me 100%. My question is would they increase my rating seeing they already close my claim, and any thoughts why this would happen? Thanks

Jim's Reply:


Unexpected C & P exams often come about because someone notices a detail that needs closure. This is often enough in one of many quality review processes that occur after a claim is closed.

It's my experience that these are usually favorable and attempt to finish up uncrossed t's and undotted i's. Often enough the end result is of no consequence to you and won't have any effect on your rating...but VA will have the paperwork done, at last.

In the end I wouldn't worry about it. My last C & P came up some 20 years after my claim had closed and the examiner had no idea why I was there either. We went through the motions and some months later I got a letter telling me that since my condition was stable and at the max rating, I wouldn't get an increase. I have no clue...