Brother is vet in jail


My brother is a veteran of the U.S Airforce, he is also the 100% disabled and suffers from PTSD as well as other mental issues. He recently went manic, about three days ago. He wrecked his car, ran from the police and currently is being held in the county jail. They have him on suicide watch and they are not giving him any medication. He is currently by himself with no help, no medication sitting butt naked talking to himself on the floor of his jail cell. He has taken my family off of his HIPPA forms, we have reached out to the VA with no success. He’s only 31 years old and needs help. The jail refuses to give him any medication because they say they aren’t sure what he’s supposed to take. What can I do?

Jim's Reply:

When we veterans become involved with the criminal justice system, the only help available is whatever is usually available for any civilian who may be incarcerated. While you may or may not be correct in believing that his PTSD condition has had something to do with his problems, once he's arrested we lose all control and the system takes over.  You can either hire a criminal defense lawyer for him or he'll have to accept what the public defender system will provide.