Blue Water Benefits


I had prostate cancer and had my prostate removed, but I still suffer from incontinence and impotence. I was on an air craft carrier outside Vietnam. I applied in August since that’s when it came out with Blue Waters but didn’t start till Jan 2020. It said it takes 2-3 months for answer about my claim. Do you know how long it takes normally, even though these are not normal times, for an answer if I’m eligible for compensation. Do you think I’m eligible and what percent? Thank you for your help.

Jim's Reply:

You're asking me to take wild guesses at things I couldn't possibly predict. I don't know what ship you were on, whether your ship was in the waters declared eligible today or anything else about you or your claim and it wouldn't be fair for me to make things up.

The VA is taking it's time with this, as it always does. The Corona virus pandemic hasn't seemed to affect VA claims much so far, so I think any delays you experience are just VA being VA.

I fear there's not a thing to do but wait patiently and hope for a good result.