Bilateral Factor in VA disability decision


Sent Claim XXX Submitted 7 /11/18 #1 Anxiety/Depression (Denied),  #2 Hearing Loss 0% for Increase granted 10%,  #3 Essential Tremors now 30%. Claim for increased bilateral factor. Sent BVA archive that they granted 30% for each side of body. My question is why did I not receive any info about #3?  On decision letter, it was not even mentioned. In e-benefits it is included, but closed 8/29/18. What can I do and why did the VA not include it in final decision letter?

Jim's Reply:

I'm not able to say why a given decision was made, one way or another. To do that would require that I have all the same evidence in front of me that the rater was privileged to and that isn't likely to happen. The best that we can do is to tell you to look for the SOC...Statement of the Case. If there wasn't an SOC included, you should write to VA and ask for one. The SOC is a detailed description of how VA arrives at a decision and should be just what you're looking for.