A & A Benefits


On behalf of my mother, as her daughter & POA, I submitted the the Aid & Attendance Benefit Application, March 2020, @ the VA Providence Office. I received the hardcopy Decision via mail, Friday, July 3, 2020. My issue: I am having difficulty connecting with the VA to discuss the concerned issues within the Decision. My mother has been residing in  RI, since mid December 2019. The facility has been patiently waiting for the VA benefits, but I cannot expect the business office to continue to wait indefinitely. I need to address this matter promptly. Thank you for your time to review my concern and question. And, most importantly, I want to thank you for your past military service and your service, now!

Jim's Reply:

You tell me that you applied for A & A benefits on behalf of your mother and you received a decision. You don't tell me what the decision was so I'll assume that the application was denied.

Recognize that the fact you may have a POA or even be a guardian doesn't mean much to the VA, they operate at a federal level that discounts many of these arrangements.

You didn't tell me why the claim was denied so I'm not really sure what you hope to accomplish but the VA doesn't chat about denied claims. If you believe that the claim for A & A was wrongly denied, as in most VA decisions, you must formally appeal and you can't do that by calling the toll free number.

Now that you have a claim that's been denied, you will need to speak with a veterans law attorney to review her eligibility for aid and attendance. You can speak with any of the attorneys you find here for free https://www.vawatchdog.org/how-to-hire-a-veterans-law-attorney.html