Auto accident on post


I was involved in an auto accident on post where I had a back and neck injury. I have been denied VA benefits for over 20 yrs without ever having a C& P exam. What can I do?

Jim's Reply:

Your statement that you've never had a C & P exam after filing for benefits for over twenty years is a bit hard to believe. While I know nothing about your claim other than what you've said, we are allowed to file a formal claim for anything at all that may have caused us disability. If you properly filed,  the next step in the adjudication process is a C & P exam. It happens every time whether we need one or not. All too often VA goes overboard and requires multiple C & P exams for minor or simple claims. Further...had you filed a claim and received a notice of denial, there would be instructions about how to appeal. I can only conclude you've not filed a claim in the manner that VA requires.