Applying for VA Benefits: Proving Radar Emissions Caused Cancer


Good day Jim, I have recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer at VA. I did not serve in Vietnam, however when I told the doctor that I worked as a radar mechanic for over 9 years he suggested that I apply for the VA prostate cancer disability program. What are my chances of being approved? Radar EM emissions are dangerous but I don't know if they apply to VA or not. Many thanks.

Jim's Response

You can apply for most anything. However, to win your claim you'll need proof that exposure to radar emissions caused or contributed to the cancer. But even before you do that, you need evidence that you were exposed and what the dosage rate was. The literature available on the Internet points to low levels of exposure as being safe but there are suspicions of what higher levels of exposure may cause. Once you have proof of how heavy your exposure was you'll need an independent medical opinion that agrees with the premise that your cancer was more likely than not caused by the exposure. The bottom line is that you have a very steep hill to climb if you choose to file a claim.