Appealing Benefit Levels


Is there and advocate/office where I can meet someone eyeball to eyeball for the purpose of preparing yet another appeal?

I was recently denied an increase in my % of disability......the shrink I was assigned to refused to provide the VA with his records of my visits with him.....he says he didn't want to because of my earnings during the latter '90's and eary '01, '02,'03....

Frankly, I don't think he kept much at all and didn't want to reveal his shortcomings...

Currently I'm at 50% PTSD ......added prostate cancer/agent orange related to a total of 60%.

I'm a Viet Nam....Mobile Riverine Forces '68 and '69.......

I believe an increase is in order....I have plenty of documentation, records of my own.

Thanks for any help and thanks for your continued service.


Your only choice is the usual VSO from VFW, DAV, etc. California also provides service officers. I rarely recommend anyone go to these people though.

You can usually do a good job on your own. Read my guide and head to my forum for answers to your questions by experts. All you need is patience, the ability to follow instructions and the tenacity of a junkyard dog. Many folks using my DIY method are happy with the outcome.