Agent Orange and Disability


I am a spouse of a USAF Ret MSgt, I will not go into the entire problem of trying to get a rating secured for disabilities connected to my spouses military service that he never applied for until 2012 retiring in 1981, going in for Agent Orange problems, never hearing anything so he refused to go back until he dad to financially request assistance for medical problems and now after 8 years he has an attorney and has gone through several levels of the VA and is currently being seen by a Primary care physician and involved in the locl regional hospital.  That said he had applied for having steriliry/genetic problems after being stationed in Clear, AK at the BMEWS site in 1962-1963 and had at one time been  told by the site doctor, RCA civilian that his complaint of burning rashes arond his groin and actoytum area as psorasis and a few weeks later while going to a dentist in Fairbanks Ak he saw another doctor, USAF who diagnosed his condition with radiatiion burned=s and told him he may bew sterile for 5 to 7 years or permanantly due to his radiation burns, both two oldest children were born within 3 years after his return and youngewst child was born 6 y6ears after.  Oldest two have chromosonal damage, one has two broken chromozones and the other major self medication issues to keep functioning, both have personality disorders and their children and their children all have behjavioral issues.

That was a long time ago and no claims were asked to compensate for the side effects of exposure, but now his request to support his having radiation burns with constant rashes from time to time being treated and being exacerbated after going to Vietnam and exposure to Agent Orange, daily having rashes more or less constant being clled psiorasis is that  his request has been looked at as ionizing radiation is not allowed as he was not exposed to ionizing radiation.

He never asked for that the VA on its own used the terms and now with the  entriy out of his medical records as being exposed to radition on the BMEWS site and the one by the site private doctor for RCA being left in as psisorias left in he has no proof thought we both read the entry of radiation burns as a concern wnd the next time we went to get his records to copy them the page was missing and many many other of his records were stamped as SCREENED when he went from being a security police to the graphics shop after returning from VIetnam as a supervisor for the Armory at CamRhan Bay handling all the weapons in the armory and cleaning all the equipment.  There is so much more to address but the main issue is if:  Have you been privy to anyone who has served at the BMEWS sites in Ak and Greenland and the other who were exposed to the huge screens bewen made aware of the exposure problems as causing any sterility, temporary, permanant, or continuous rashes and or any other discussions about being exposed to those screen.  My spouse Dennis was a security policeman who regularily had to drive around and in close proximity to them daily for a year and he took pictures of the large ravens that would come in and land on the screens and fall dead on the grond below them of which we still have slides showing them.  The research I have done referrs to ionizing radiation vs microwave radiation and there is no conclusive evidence given except to refer the vetern back to the research done on the microwave radiation as not being dangerous in the military due to rdar screens or equipment.  trhank you for any assistance as we are trying to get information to our attorneys andthey are very good at what they have done and are doing just that this missing page has created a problem to get the facts looked at.  there is a lot more but will not ask anything else for now.

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