Aged 72 and many health issues


Hi Jim, I wrote recently about having 85% combined rating for PTSD at 70%, fecal incontenance 30%, cancer 20%, tinnitus 10% and rounded up to 90% I forgot to mention that I had to give up myself employment as a Realtor. I could not show multiple homes to prespective buyers due to needing to stay relatively close to a restroom facility. Also I could not hold open houses and many houses for sale have the water turned off, again no rest room opportunity. Do you think I would be a candidate for individual unemployablity as a path to regain my 100%? My VA urologist lady put in my records that I was able to work, but at
72 yrs of age, what would I do, since I cannot continue selling real estate.Originally I thought maybe filing for erectile dysfunction, but would probably still tot get to 100% due to combined rating schedules.

Jim's Reply:

I'd guess that you're a good candidate for the TDIU benefit. Go for it.