Age when dependents are "too old" for Tricare benefits


Hi Jim, I'm TDIU. The following information is quite likely available on the internet but I thought it odd enough to warrant running past you: I recently received a card in the mail that information me that my child will not be eligible for Tricare after age 21. It's odd that veteran's dependants are bumped off of parent's healthcare 5 years earlier than other insurances, age 26. Did our service organization lobbyists miss this one or am I wrong. Thank you. Happy New Year.

Jim's Reply:

It's a fact that dependent children lose their TRICARE benefits at age 21 unless there are certain extenuating circumstances. I agree that it's odd that this wasn't impacted by The Affordable Care Act in the same way as civilian health care coverage. It appears that it's time for the 21 year old to start looking for health insurance.