Advocate Resources

These resources are intended for advocates, lawyers and non-lawyers. They are designed to help you in your work with veterans and service members. They are not intended for the lay person and should not be considered client education material.

SCRA and Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence

This law review article explores the intersection of the SCRA and state laws intended to protect victims of domestic violence.

When Does SCRA Apply? Reservists, Delayed Enlistment Program, and Post-Service

SCRA coverage for servicemembers outside of the typical active duty classification.

VA Pension (Non-Service-Related): Screening Tool

Advocate tool for interviewing veteran who may qualify for VA Pension

Promoting Legal Services within VA Facilities

Find a program near you. Volunteer or use these programs as models to start your own VA-facility-based legal clinic.

VA Disability Compensation: Screening Tool

Use this standardized interview to help you determine whether a veteran my qualify for VA Disability Comp.

VA Disability Compensation for Agent Orange Exposure: Screening Tool

Determine whether a Vietnam veteran was "presumptively" exposed to Agent Orange.

Advocate Toolkit: VA Disability Compensation Claim

Helpful online resources for advocates helping veterans with their VA disability comp claims.

Connecticut Veterans Legal Center - Medical-Legal Collaboration

Learn how this successful, vigorous collaboration began with a $20,000 seed grant.

Law-Related Blogs on Veteran and/or Military Issues

Attorneys and other advocates interested in servicemember and veteran-related legal topics may also be interested in the following blogs or specialized resources.  Let us know via the feedback form if you have a favorite that isn't listed:

2013 lecture on Federal Tax Issues Related to Foreclosure Transaction

Audio-enhanced Power Point lecture by Tax Attorney Sean Norton in 2013, which is intended for general purposes only.