Active Army but hyperthyroidism


 I am currently active in the army and I am being treated for hyperthyroidism. I have been treated for the past 6 months. I have also been on temp profile since then as well. I now have the option to “cure” it using iodine therapy or surgical removal. I have yet to make a decision. I am also currently taking a drug called methimazole, which makes me undeployable. So I have three choices: iodine therapy, surgery, or remain undeployable and possibly med board.  Depending on my choice, am I still able to claim VA if I choose to be cured? How will the VA generate their percentage based on my info? Thanks in advance.

Jim's Reply:

No matter what option you choose, the VA will receive your information and apply their rules to whatever that info is. You are ultimately rated as a % that reflects more or less just how disabled you are. Disability as a veteran civilian is not the same as active duty disability where you must be fit for duty. Depending on your health when you exit, VA may find that you have or had thyroid disease but it's treated and not at all disabling and award a service connected rating of 0% disabling. On the other hand, if your disease rages out of control and you're hospitalized or otherwise treated aggressively (as a veteran civilian after discharge) you could earn a rating as high as 100% disabled or even more. You should make your informed decision on what seems best for your long term health, not how it will affect a rating. Thyroid disease can have serious consequences (diabetes for example) over the long term and your health should be the focus...the benefits will come as they should.